CAT Mock Test is the replica test prepared by experts based on the latest CAT exam pattern. CAT Mock Tests are the best guide to prepare for CAT exam.  The best CAT Mock Tests prepared by CAT experts, are divided into same number of sections with same or more number of questions of actual CAT exam difficulty level. All the CAT toppers studying at IIM Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Lucknow, Kozhikode found CAT Mocks the most important part of their preparation and have recommended to take more CAT mocks just like taking the actual exam and analysing mistakes in each mock. Check & Solve below the full length CAT Mock Test and sectional Mocks. More Mocks by and by IIMs are also given below

Why it is Important to Practice CAT Mock Test for CAT 2022?

Attempting more and more CAT Mocks will help you in many ways to score high in the exam. Some of them are:

 How CAT 2022 Mock Test helps You to Assess Your CAT Preparation?

You can assess your CAT preparation with the help of the free CAT Mock tests by as given below. These Mock test papers are the right source to familiarise yourself with the actual CAT 2022 exam pattern, changes in topics in CAT 2022 syllabus, sectional composition, type and pattern of questions expected in CAT 2022 exam and the scoring pattern.

Each new Mock Test is based on past CAT test papers. Accordingly, the CAT 2022 Mock Tests are also based on the past CAT question papers to guide you about the forthcoming CAT 2022 question paper.

So if are looking for the best CAT exam question paper or CAT solved Mock Tests, you can attempt these free CAT Mocks of different difficulty levels as all the CAT Mocks with solutions are provided here.

CAT Mock Test Structure: Based on CAT Pattern

CAT exam pattern 2022 is divided into three sections and the full length CAT Mock Test Structure is also divided in three sections. However, some of the CAT Mocks contain more number of questions with varying difficulty level to help you practice with different type of questions on different topics. Below is shared the latest CAT exam pattern based on which CAT Mock Test structure is formed

CAT 2022 Exam ComponentsCAT 2022 Pattern
Test duration   2 hrs (120 Minutes)
Test sessions/Slots   3 (Morning, Afternoon and Evening)
Total questions   66
Total score  198
Number of Sections in CAT question paper    3 (VARC; DILR; QA)
Time Allotted for Each Section in CAT exam 40 Minutes
Total questions in VARC Section  24
Total Questions in DILR section  20
Total Questions in QA section  22

Three Types of CAT Mock Tests 
There are more than 10 free CAT Mock Tests 2022 on this page prepared by which are available to prepare for CAT exam as per the revised CAT exam pattern. Following three types of free online CAT Mock test with different difficulty level are available for free practice on this page:

  1. Mock Tests with solutions Prepared by Experts from, IMS
  2. Full Length Official CAT Mock Test by IIMs
  3. Mock Tests Section wise for VARC, DILR and QA

You can take each type of the Free Online CAT 2022 Mock Test moving up from moderate difficulty level to higher difficulty level.

Free CAT 2022 Mock Test

There are 10+ full length free online CAT Exam Mock tests by with 1000+ CAT questions with solutions shared below. Each of the free online CAT Mock Test for CAT 2022 is prepared by experts from and top coaching institutes like IMS Learning. These Mock Tests are based on past and expected CAT exam pattern. The Free CAT Practice tests of different difficulty level are prepared by Experts to help CAT exam takers to understand the important topics, difficulty level and how to prepare better for CAT Exam.

 Mock CAT Test 1: Prepared by IMS Coaching for Readers

 Mock CAT Test 2: Prepared by IMS Coaching for Readers

 6.3 Mock Test-3

6.4 Mock Test-4

6.5 Mock Test-5 & 6: Moderate Difficulty Level

Below are shared four CAT Mock free practice tests of moderate difficulty level with answers. After taking each Mock test you can analyse each of the Mocks and improve further. It will help you to proceed further to go for higher difficulty level Mock test available for free practice. 

6.5.1 Mock Test-5

6.5.2 Mock Test-6

6.6 CAT 2022 Mock Test: Moderate to High Difficulty Level

After taking and analyzing moderate to high difficulty level CAT Mock Tests, it is better to take much higher difficulty level Mocks to make sure that you are well prepared now. Below are the high difficulty level Mock Tests. You have three hours to attempt and solve each of these Mock test papers for CAT 2022. 

6.6.1 Mock Test-7

6.6.2 Mock Test-8

7. Full Length Official CAT Mock Test by IIMs: Higher Difficulty level

Apart from the full length official Mock Test without answers which is released a month before the CAT exam date, IIMs also release actual CAT papers with right answers which are the Previous Year’s Official CAT Mock Test with answers. Let’s know the key features of official CAT Mock Test by IIMs

7.1 Mock Test by IIM: 10 Key Features

The Ten Key features of the official CAT Mock are:

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