1 Year MBA Admission 2022: Important Dates

To help the candidates to select the relevant academic session, we share below the 1 MBA application dates for admission 2022 separately. Most of the top B-schools are open with their one year admission process 2022 and their session commences soon. Many top MBA colleges with 1 year MBA programmes like IIMs, ISB among others have announced their application process for one year MBA admission 2022

Open with 1 Year MBA Admission 2022: Important dates

Shared below are the important dates for 1 year MBA admission 2022 in top B-schools where application process is open:

One Year MBA collegeLast date to ApplyApplication Fee (In Rs.)
ISB Hyderabad/MohaliJanuary 30, 2022Rs.7500
SPJIMR MumbaiAugust 15, 2022Rs.1500
Masters’ Union, GurugramJanuary 23, 2022Rs.2000
K J Somaiya, Institute of Management, MumbaiJuly 30, 2022Rs.2850
Great Lakes Institute of ManagementNov 21, 2022Rs. 2000
FORE School of Management, New DelhiJuly 31, 2022Rs.1416
LBSIM New DelhiJuly 31, 2022Rs.1250
SOIL GurgaonOpenRs.2000
SDMIMD Mysore  Sept 15, 2022Rs.  500

Top MBA colleges 1 Year MBA admission 2022: Important dates

Please note the important dates to apply for the one year MBA programme 2022 in top MBA colleges in India with application fee, before we discuss and delve deep in differentiating between one year MBA and executive MBA:

One Year MBA collegeLast date to ApplyApplication Fee (In Rs.)
ISB HyderabadJan 30, 2022Rs.7500
IIM AhmedabadAug 20, 2022Rs.5000
IIM BangaloreAug 20, 2022Rs.3000
IIM CalcuttaAug 30, 2022Rs.2000
IIM LucknowComing SoonNo Application Fee
IIM KozhikodeJune 30, 2022  Rs.3000
IIM IndoreComing SoonRs.5900
XLRI JamshedpurDec 10, 2021 (Through XAT); Dec 31, 2021 (Through GRE/GMAT)Rs.1800+300
MDI GurgaonJanuary 2022Rs.3000
IMI New DelhiFebruary 2022Rs. 2596/-
Great lakes Institute of Management, ChennaiApril 20, 2022Rs. 2000
IIM UdaipurFebruary 2, 2022Rs.1000
Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar (XIMB)  December 20, 2021Rs.1600

One Year MBA in India Vs Executive MBA: Clear the Confusion
Let’s first understand the difference between One Year MBA and Executive MBA (EMBA). In US, Europe, China and Singapore EMBA is generally a modular, part-time program offered for senior executives who don’t wish to leave their well-paying full-time jobs for earning MBA credentials.

 Executive MBA in India.

Coming to India, there is some unwarranted confusion between these two programs. To clear the air, some historical perspective is useful. 

In 2001, like many European MBA programs, ISB Hyderabad launched its one-year full-time residential MBA equivalent program called Post Graduate Program (PGP). This required a mandatory work-experience of a few years, and thus aimed exclusively as working managers. Following its success, in 2006, IIM Ahmedabad launched its ‘Post Graduate Programme in Management for Executives’, its one-year, full-time, residential programs popularly known as PGPX. IIM Calcutta too launched its ‘Post Graduate Programme for Executives’ or ‘PGPEX’. In 2009, IIM Bangalore launched ‘Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management’ or ‘EPGP’. Both IIMC’s PGPEX and IIMB’s EPGP were one-year, full-time, residential MBA Equivalent programs. 

After passing of IIM Act 2017, now some of the IIMs have started awarding Master of Business Administration degree to the students of their one year programme on its successful completion instead of earlier diploma.  

Given that word ‘Executive’ is part of virtually all 1-year MBA programs by IIMs, media and general public started calling these One Year MBA equivalent programs as Executive MBAs. Clearly, the one-year residential MBA programs by IIMs are NOT modular EMBA programs as known globally.  

This confusion was perhaps further compounded when AICTE, the management education regulator in India, permitted PGDM B-schools to offer ‘Executive PGDM’ – also a full-time residential 15-months MBA equivalent program. So XLRI offered PGDM (General Management) and MDI offered National management Programme and so on – all leading to ‘Executive PGDM’ or PGDM Executive. Today more than 25 B-schools are offering this program in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and other cities.  

For better understanding and to close this debate, refer to this table below: 

1 Year MBA Vs EMBA are Not the same

ParticularsOne Year MBAExecutive MBA
MBA colleges for ExampleISB’s PGP or IIMA’s PGPXISB’s PGPMAX
Full TimeYesNo
Duration12-15 monthsVaries from 15 months to 36 months
Minimum Work Ex Required5 Years for IIMs, 2 Years for ISB/Great LakesMuch higher, generally 10-15 years
AdmissionGMAT/GRE required. Rigorous process.Profile based. GMAT generally not required
Fee compared to 2-yr programHighMuch Higher
Placement AssistanceYesNo

Above table clarifies the difference between the two programs. With this clarification, let’s move forward to understand more about full time One Year MBA in India. (For those who will not like to leave their full-time jobs but looking for good managerial qualifications, refer to links for some good part-time program options.) Coming back to One Year MBA in India, good news is that there are plenty of choices. We classify them into three types, below. 

One Year MBA: Types of institutions

While all these three One Year MBAs may appear same, one closer analysis, you will notice many differences due to the positioning and target-audience of these programs.

One Year MBA equivalent program offered by ISB

B-school – Program NameDurationAverage Work Experience of the BatchMinimum Work Experience RequiredFeesAverage PlacementMonth of Programme Commencement
ISB Hyderabad – PGP12 Months4.3 Years2 Years35,99,00024,36,000April

Top One Year MBA Programs in India
Which are top One Year MBA programs in India? If you are looking for the best one year MBA, please note that these 1 year MBA programs in India are offered by the one year MBA colleges in India as well as other top MBA colleges. The top one year MBA programs offered by ISB (1 year MBA is the flagship programme at ISB), IIMs, XLRI, Masters’ Union are the examples of some of the best one year MBA programmes in India. Globally, these are only 1 year MBA programme rankings done by top international agencies. Although out of 3500 MBA colleges in India, most of them offer one year MBA courses but looking with the perspective of choosing the top one year MBA.. 

One Year MBA in Delhi NCR
One year MBA in Delhi NCR is offered by many top MBA colleges. Some of the top Management Institutes offering one year MBA in Delhi NCR include MDI Gurgaon; IIM Lucknow-Noida campus; IMT Ghaziabad; IMI New Delhi; FORE School of Management New Delhi, LBSIM New Delhi among others.  

A list of the best institutes offering one year MBA in Delhi NCR is shared below:

Institutes Offering One Year MBA in Delhi NCRName of One Year MBA Programme in Delhi NCRMinimum Work Experience Required for Admission
MDI GurgaonNational Management Programme (NMP)5 Years
IIM Lucknow-Noida CampusInternational Programme in Management for Executives (IPMX)5 Years
IMT GhaziabadPGDM E5 Years
IMI New DelhiEx PGDM5 Years
Great Lakes Institute of Management, GurgaonPost Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM)2 Years
FORE School of ManagementExecutive PGDM (PGPX)5 Years
LBSIM New DelhiPGDM E5 Years

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