In accordance with the IIM admission process with their respective admission policy, the major changes in selection process in IIMs for admission 2022, are the award of higher weightage to academic profile, gender diversity, work experience and reduced weightage to CAT cut offs.

3 Stages of IIM Selection Process 

There are three stages through which each IIM Admission Process is completed, these are:

Your final admission offer depends upon your performance in all the above three stages of IIMs selection process. But before we understand how the each stage of IIM admission process is completed, let us know the key changes made in the Selection Process in IIMs for admission 2022  

IIM Selection Process for MBA: Key Changes

Many changes are visible in IIM Selection process for MBA admission 2022. Broadly, following are the key changes that are observed in almost all the IIM Selection Process for MBA Admission 2022

Each IIM Admission Process for MBA 2022: Independent from One Another
The Selection process for the 20 IIMs in India differs from one another. While all of these IIMs adopt three stage selection process, beginning with the 1st stage of CAT score requirement of minimum sectional and overall CAT percentile, the IIM selection criteria at each of these IIMs is independent of other IIM. Although a good performance in CAT exam is the mandatory requirement for the first stage of CAT score based selection process 2022, other key parameters like academics, work experience, diversity, performance in GD-PI-WAT,  play even a greater role in the IIM admission process. 

Let’s know the stage wise IIM selection process in detail

Stage Wise IIM Selection Process 2022
You need to go through the 3 stages of IIMs Selection process including your performance in CAT 2021 before you would get your final admission offer:

Stage-1: Performance in CAT 2021 Exam
The preliminary consideration to qualify for IIM Admission process at the first stage is your CAT percentile score. So at first, you needed to register and apply for CAT exam before the last date, must have appeared in the exam and score high as well as clear the sectional and overall CAT cut offs as prescribed by each IIM. All the IIMs announce their minimum CAT cut off percentile to shortlist candidates. So, at the first stage of CAT selection process, you will be screened for Minimum required CAT sectional and overall percentile score and to seek admission in one of the 20 IIMs, the basic requirement is to appear and score high overall and through all the three sections in CAT exam.

CAT selection procedure has prescribed the minimum requirement for overall and sectional CAT  percentile for admission. This requirement of minimum CAT percentile is different in each IIM selection process 2022. For the first stage of CAT selection procedure, IIMs require a minimum CAT sectional percentile in the range of 70-85 and 80-95 overall percentile.

The top rated IIM Ahmedabad selection process requires minimum CAT 2021 percentile cut offs at 70 sectional and 80 overall percentile. On the contrary, the new IIMs need minimum 90 overall percentile and 70-80 sectional percentile. However, actual cut off percentile may go higher or lower than the minimum required percentile.

IIMs Selection Process 2022CAT 2021 Overall Percentile RequirementCAT 2021 Sectional Percentile Requirement
IIM Ahmedabad8070
IIM Bangalore8580 VARC/75 QA & DILR
IIM Calcutta8575 QA/80 for VARC & DILR
IIM Lucknow9085
IIM Indore9080
IIM Udaipur9370
IIM Tiruchirappalli9370
IIM Kozhikode8575
IIM Rohtak95Not Required
IIM Ranchi9370
IIM Raipur9370
IIM Visakhapatnam8580
IIM Nagpur8572

Stage-2: Shortlisting in IIM Selection Process
After considering that the candidate has qualified with CAT sectional and overall percentile score requirements, next stage in IIM Selection Process is the shortlisting process. The second stage of IIM Admission process is the one of the toughest as you are not able to do much at this stage. Most of the IIMs award good weightage to Academic excellence, Academic Diversity in the shortlisting process. However, the parameters and weightages to all the components differ from IIM to IIM in their respective shortlisting process. 

After declaration of CAT result, IIMs will shortlist the suitable candidates for final admission round on the basis of CAT exam scores, academics, diversity, work experience among other parameters as per the respective IIM’s admission policy and weightages. The shortlisting process is completed by each IIM individually.

Nine new IIMs conduct Common Admission Process (CAP) and one of the new IIMs coordinate the process by announcing a common shortlisting process based on similar criteria as announced for CAP participating IIMs. Other IIMs conduct their selection process individually. So far, the newer IIMs have been declaring the 1st stage shortlists on the basis of CAT scores, whereas older IIMs also take into account the other parameters at the 1st stage shortlist.

Stage-3: IIMs Final Selection Process 2022 – PI Round

The final selection process at IIMs consists of Personal Interview, Written Ability Test and in some of the IIMs Group Discussion round is also conducted. The shortlisted candidates are called to attend the PI round in number of cities as per the choice exercised by the candidates at the time of applying and completing the CAT 2020 registration form. For the Admission 2022, many IIMs are likely to drop the GD and WAT process and will conduct Online Personal Interview, instead of asking the candidates to be physically present at the PI venue.

PI-WAT round commands higher weightage than CAT score in the IIMs selection criteria. Your final selection also depends upon your academic profile and diversity. Some of the IIMs like IIM Shillong, also conduct GD round based on the WAT. After the completion of PI-WAT round, varying weightages are awarded to the performance in final selection round, CAT scores, academic profile & diversity, work experience and gender diversity. CAT exam score in IIM final selection process gets low weightage. The final merit list will be generated based on these weightages and admission offers will be made by the respective IIMs.

IIM Final Selection Process: Key Components and Weightages

Below are the key parameters and weightages awarded to each of the components in final IIM selection process for all the 20 IIMs

Name of the IIMWeight %age for CAT ScoreWeight %age for GD-PI-WATWeight %age for Academics & Work ExWeight %age for Diversity, Achievements & Others
IIM Ahmedabad256015Included in Academics
IIM Bangalore254035
IIM Calcutta30*48* (No WAT)  8*4*
IIM Lucknow3050155
IIM Indore206020
IIM Kozhikode444412
IIM Shillong
IIM Kashipur33253012
IIM Raipur35351812
IIM Ranchi40302010
IIM Tiruchirappalli502815  7
IIM Udaipur601518  7
IIM Rohtak602020
IIM Amritsar40252510
IIM Bodhgaya403024  6
IIM Jammu40301713
IIM Nagpur155030  5
IIM Sambalpur30203020
IIM Sirmaur30302515
IIM Visakhapatnam25253020

*Points are awarded out of 90. Accordingly percentage of weightage will slightly increase

Selection Process at New IIMs: Common Admission Process (CAP)
The final selection process at 9 to 11 new IIMs is conducted as a Common Admission Process. One of the five new IIMs coordinates this selection process which is referred to as Common Admission Process (CAP). The CAP consists of common WAT and PI round for 9 to 11 new IIMs

CAP 2022 Highlights

IIM Visakhapatnam Not to Participate in CAP 2022
IIM Nagpur, IIM Rohtak and IIM Visakhapatnam do not participate in CAP round and conduct their own final selection process to make admission offer to the students. The final admission offers will be generated as per the merit lists prepared on the basis of CAT scores, Academic profile, Work experience and gender diversity in accordance with the weightage awarded to each of these factors.

If you have done well in Personal Interview Round, have excellent academics you may expect to receive the final admission offer by IIMs in the month of April/May 2022. In case of more admission offers, it will be your decision to join the preferred institute 

CAT Selection Procedure Vs IIM Selection Process
CAT Selection process for admission to IIMs is the first stage screening process. IIMs screen the candidates who have scored a minimum required CAT percentile score in the first stage CAT selection procedure. The next and more important is the IIM Selection process which involves shortlisting for final selection round on the basis of profile, work experience, diversity among other parameters. The final round of IIM Selection process is the PI-WAT round which awards very less weightage to CAT exam score in the range of 20 to 40 percent and higher weightage of 60 to 80 percent to other components. After completion of PI round, final admission offers are generated by IIMs independently.  

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